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BS+B Recipes

My Favorite Carrot Cake Recipe

This is the PERFECT carrot cake. It doesn't require an insane amount of ingredients and leaves you with a perfectly moist and sweet cake you'll be proud to either share OR demolish solo dolo.
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BS+B Recipes

Nostalgia Tastes Like This Buttery Cast Iron Pound Cake

One of my absolute favorite things to cook in my skillet is a crumbly pound cake. Buttery, delicately sweet and undeniably Southern, it’s a call back to the many women who are a part of my DNA.
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BS+B Recipes

Self Care Is A Bowl Of This Soul-Warming Blackberry Cobbler

This blackberry cobbler is like a warm hug from my mama. It’s hearty, juicy and made my entire house smell like a cinnamon bomb went off (which is a good thing).

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