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Welcome to Brown Sugar & Bourbon. So glad you stopped by to visit! While you're here, I want you to feel like you're hanging out with one of your best friends. I want this to be the place you go when you need a pick-me-up when your annoying boss is micromanaging you again or where you go when you’re cooking for your boyfriend’s family for the first time and need, not only a bomb ass fool-proof recipe, but also some encouragement!

Brown Sugar & Bourbon is where you can turn when the person you thought you’d marry breaks your heart (this totally happened to me btw lol) and you absolutely need the recipe for a boozy Old Fashioned and your girlfriends to remind you he was trash anyway.

Whatever season you're going through in your life, this community is here for you.

About Ryan

Ryan is a food and culture writer based out of Atlanta. She lives with her constantly semi-naked husband #ShirtlessShep, baby girl Nola and their two pups, Bille and Hendrix.

She's a massive fan of sarcasm, whiskey, Mexican food and terribly great at second-guessing herself. While she can be charming (especially when alcohol is involved) she's generally anti-social and a bit of a recluse.

Brown Sugar & Bourbon is a food and lifestyle blog where like-minded women can gather to fellowship over their shared life experiences, love for strong cocktails & of course delicious food.

ryan shepard — founder, brown sugar + bourbon

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irst things first...Thank you! I'm really protective of my community. That means that I only work with brands that I truly believe align with the wants and needs of my readers. I'm in the business of keeping it real so I truly need to believe in your company/brand/product/campaign. That being said, I welcome the opportunity to work with you if you feel like we'd be a good fit. Go ahead and shoot me an email so we can chat.

Just looking to get in touch with me? Hit the 'contact me' button below and email me any questions, concerns or whatever else may be on your mind.

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F.A.Q's About Ryan

“The women most important to me, from my great grandmother to my best friends, have been there throughout every moment of my life to encourage me, guide me and tell me that I’m still the shit even when the world has knocked me on my ass. 

I wanted to create a space for women where we can discuss the hard topics in life over a delicious meal and a strong cocktail,  just like my best friends and I do.” 
“In a world in which everything is presented perfectly, a lot of women--especially women of color--feel out of step with everyone else's highlight reel. I think what’s missing is a voice that keeps it really, really real.”
“I love cooking because it's on of the few parts of my life where I feel fully in control and wildly free. I love nothing more than just spending hours in the kitchen experimenting.

Without a doubt, growing up in Los Angeles in a proud Black family surrounded by South East Asian and LatinX cultures definitely influences the food I make. Almost everything I plate has elements of at least one of these cuisines on it.”
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