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May 3, 2022
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It's Blueberry Season, Make This Shortcake Recipe Now

A few years ago, my best friend Danny invited me to her house for dinner. She is an amazing cook even though she rarely does it anymore. She made chicken parmesan (my absolute favorite from her), served me way too much wine and for dessert we had homemade strawberry shortcake. I passed out on her sofa and to date it's one of the best meals I've ever had.

I absolutely love strawberry shortcake but you can go almost any where on the internet and find a great recipe. I didn't feel like I really had anything unique to add there so I came up with a twist. This version takes the classic and elevates it a bit with out straying too far from everything right with the original. Here plump blueberries are substituted for strawberries and topped with a floral scoop of freshly whipped lavender chantilly cream (not nearly as fancy as it sounds trust me).

Blueberries are just coming into season so this recipe truly is best when you use fresh and not frozen fruit, but you can still pull it off without them. Make sure to serve this warm.

Oh and FYI, any leftover blueberry compote can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week and smothered on toast, biscuits or scooped into a hungry baby's mouth (Nola wouldn't stop eating it lol).

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