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January 10, 2022
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Nola Update: Everything She Loves To Eat Right Now

One of my fears when I had Nola, was that she would be a picky eater, or worse, she wouldn't like anything that I cooked for her. I truly get a lot of joy from feeding my family and friends and seeing them devour whatever I put in front of them and I wanted that to be true of Nola as well. We introduced solids to her right around the six month mark. I steamed her some sweet potato chunks and blended it up with a bit of breastmilk so that it would be easy for her to eat. They were a hit! She still loves sweet potatoes.

Now, Nolie is almost a year old and she's such an adventurous little eater. She's pretty game to try anything I put in front of her and has mostly handled different flavors, textures and seasonings like a champ. The only thing she isn't a fan of is peas, but honestly, who is?

We're still nursing and I hope to be able to nurse her until she's at least a year old, but I'm enjoying introducing her to food and I hope I can create some great memories for her around it.

Here are some of a few things Nola loves to eat right now:

+Fresh Fruit - This girl loves some fruit! Fresh raspberries, strawberries and bananas are her absolute favorites right now. If I have time, I'll cut chunks of apples or pears and bake them in the oven until they're soft. I like to tossed them with a little bit of ground cinnamon and vanilla extract.

+Yogurt - Almost every morning after we nurse, Nola has yogurt. She loves all different flavors but brand-wise we love Stonyfield and Trader Joe's Whole Milk Yogurt packets.

+Food Packets - When I was pregnant I swore I would cook all of Nola's meals, and then life hit and I came to my senses. Packets are life savers! We love Plum Organics, Happy Baby, Cerebelly, Beech-Nut and Sprout. I try to go for a healthy dose of veggie and fruit so I'll get flavors that have english pea, spinach and sweet potato mixed in with a fruit like banana or apple (like this). I also use packets to introduce Nola to new flavors or textures. I particularly like Cerebelly for that.

Funny enough, she isn't really into meat too much, so I never buy her packets with animal protein in them. If I'm going to feed her meat, she prefers that I cook it myself.

+Snacks - Nola loves to snack. If I let her, she will eat an entire bag of puffs. I like to give her yogurt melts by Happy Baby or fruit and veggie melties by Beech-Nut. She also loves savory snacks like these tomato basil snackers.

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