Lychee Martini

The first time I ever had a lychee martini it was out at Nobu up in Malibu (insert Drake voice). The atmosphere in the restaurant was hip and thankfully I was dining with my parents because I couldn't afford a gaddam thing. 

Normally I'm a whiskey drinker and, in general, I hate sweet drinks. This particular night I was feeling fancy. The lychee martini on the menu featured fresh lychee, lime juice, and simple syrup. There was only one problem, vodka was the spirit used in this otherwise perfect cocktail. 

Vodka is from the devil. Don't try to argue with me on this. It is the one thing I refuse to drink so naturally I had to ask if the bartender was willing to subtitute demon-water for the more acceptable gin. He obliged me and the rest is mouth orgasm history. 

At $15 dollars a pop, I can't afford to go to Nobu and drink as many as I do at home. Also there is that pesky detail of no longer living in southern California. Anyway, with out further adieu I present to you the Nobu Lychee Martini.