Homemade Hot Sauce

I'll admit, when I moved to Atlanta in April, I went a little crazy. There is a Home Depot down the street from me and I was literally in the garden center every day purchasing plants. Over the course of the Summer I slowly, but deliberately, became what some would call a plant lady. 

It got so bad that towards the end of the Fall there was not a plant (edible of course) that I didn't already own. I even had (and still have) a fairly intimate relationship with a Home Depot garden center employee (shouts out to you Dan!). Anyway, in my fervor I purchased a lot of shit that frankly I had no immediate use for. 

I planted a lot of peppers and I don't even use them in my daily cooking. There are entire planters in my garden dedicated to cajun belles, poblanos, and jalapeños. When December hit I noticed that the peppers began dying and so I had to find a use for them. 

My beloved Shep can't really handle a lot of spice so I couldn't make some crazy dish using everything in my arsenal. So, I got this bright idea: why not make hot sauce? I fuggin love hot sauce. Growing up a black Californian meant that in my house there was always ample amounts of Tapatío and Louisiana Hot Sauce. 

I wanted to create a hot sauce that would blend my favorite flavor profiles of both and dammit I achieved it! Now, y'all know from previous posts of mine that I'm broke phi broke (I ain't got it!), so this hot sauce doubled as my Christmas gift to friends and family. 

The vinegar in this recipe doubles as a natural preservative so don't worry about it spoiling. As with all my other recipes, feel free to customize to your own liking.