This Death & Co Manhattan makes being an adult tolerable

This Death & Co Manhattan makes being an adult tolerable

If it isn’t clear by now, I love a stiff drink. I could blame this on the amount of time I spent in old watering holes when I lived in Washington, D.C. But, the truth is I’m just a fan of booze—especially whiskey.

When I was a little girl my mom used to tell me that true ladies don’t drink “brown liquor.” It was something I use to recite, almost robotically, whenever someone offered me a rum and coke or whiskey ginger in college. It wasn’t until I was invited to a whiskey tasting one night afterwork well into my 20s that I started to change my tune..

As I’ve grown and my booze preferences have matured, I’ve really honed in on exactly how I like my spirit-forward cocktails to taste. Whiskey isn’t mean to be hidden or disguised underneath a billion ingredients. It’s purposefully strong, distinctive and bossy—just like a lady.

If you’ve never had a Manhattan you’re in for an experience. It’s boozy, sweet and straight to the point. The absolute best version of this cocktail I’ve ever had is by Death & Co—a widely celebrated craft cocktail bar. I’ve had the privilege of tasting their Manhattan at their New York based joint (there is one in Denver as well). I’m also a proud owner of their very necessary cocktail book which I pull recipes and inspiration from on the daily. Whenever I’m in the mood for a Manhattan, which is literally all the time, I turn to Death & Co to help scratch my alcohol itch.

While the original recipe calls for the use of Rittenhouse Rye whiskey, I prefer the more peppery notes of Redemption Rye. It’s my go to whiskey whenever I’m making a pre Prohibition-styled classic cocktail. Redemption’s mash bill is 95% rye so if you’re a fan of the traditional heat of a solid rye, this bottle should definitely be on your bar.

The drink itself has over 3 ounces of alcohol so it’s certainly going to put some whiskers on your chin. Due to its strong flavor profile, this cocktail is technically best enjoyed after dinner. However here at Brown Sugar and Bourbon rules are meant to be broken. I like to sip on this drink when I’m preparing dinner with a jazzy Billie Holiday record on in the background. It’s the perfect way to ease into my evening and I know you’ll love it too.

What’s your favorite cocktail to enjoy while you’re winding down at home?

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