The Only Pork Chop Dish I Ever Serve My Dinner Guests

The Only Pork Chop Dish I Ever Serve My Dinner Guests

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved the jovial buzzing of a house full of people. The sounds of dominos slapping the table, of my aunties all gathered in the kitchen laughing so loudly their voices shake the house, and of course of some old timey song (Love and Happiness, Before I Let Go or Atomic Dog) throbbing through the walls. There is an undeniable comfort in being surrounded by friends and kin. It’s an energy I try to cultivate whenever I’m lucky enough to have guests in my home.

My fiancé and I actually entertain fairly regularly. To be totally honest, if we didn’t we’d have a disgraceful amount of food waste laying around with the sheer volume of groceries I buy each month—and y’all know I hate waste.

When I first started hosting dinners I would have a full mental breakdowns before my friends arrived. The pressure of trying to make sure dishes turn out right and on time is legitimately terrifying. What I’ve learned in my decade of throwing get togethers is that less truly is more.

Sticking to one dish you know how to make really well is the key to success here. For me that one dish is blackened pork chops in a sage brown butter sauce. I love making this meal because it’s foolproof, ready in 30 minutes and cheap AF. Pork is one of the most affordable cuts of meat there is and it cost almost nothing to get 3-4 thick cut bone-in pork chops (at my local Publix, I can usually score them for less than $25).

This meal requires minimal effort with maximum impact. What else could you possibly want?

I make no secret of the fact that I’m a fan of experimenting in the kitchen, and of hopefully inspiring you to do the same. That being said I have two rules you absolutely must abide by should you choose to whip up this recipe at home:

  1. Do not under any circumstances get the skinny boneless pork chops that come in a four pack at the grocery store. You’ll waste your own time and money. If your pork chop is too thin you’ll get something resembling jerky and not juicy, luscious meaty pork. After all the pig is the star of the show so let it shine.

  2. For the love of GOD only season with Tony Chachere's Original Creole Seasoning. Other creole seasonings claim to be the best in town but you’ll be sorely disappointed—trust me I’ve experimented.

I promise if you follow instructions here you’ll be rewarded with reactions from your guests that will make your head swell up so big you’ll swear you should be a Top Chef contestant.

Feel free to serve this dish with some dirty rice, charred green beans and some crusty french bread to sop up all that rich brown butter goodness.

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