You Gon' Eat Your Cornbread?

If you don't know where "you gon' eat your cornbread?!" is from, this almost certainly isn't the blog for you! Cornbread is the manna of the gods. On its own, corn meal can be used to bread catfish, make hushpuppies, and of course, some amazing cornbread.

As I've previously stated, so much about Soul Food is innovation. It is so important to me to honor the traditional foods of my ancestors but to also honor that spirt of innovation and experiment whenever I possibly can. It's in that spirit that I created a recipe for my favorite cornbread. 

Los Angeles (where I grew up) has a strong and proud Latino culture where corn plays an integral role in many dishes. I was heavily influenced by both cultures. Where Latinos used the corn derivative masa harina to create staples such as tortillas and tamales, African Americans used corn meal to create cornbread, hushpuppies, hot water cornbread, and countless other heritage dishes.

What's the difference between masa harina and corn meal? Welp masa harina is made from white corn and ground to the consistency similar to flour, whereas corn meal is made from yellow corn and is more coarse, with the consistency of sand. This cornbread recipe is a combination of both: what I was raised with and what I was raised around.

Cornmeal, bacon, jalapeño, and cheddar pair perfectly together to create a dish that is both familiar and exciting. I paired it with a whipped honey butter which brings out the natural sweetness in the corn as well as that hickory smoked bacon. This cornbread would be perfect served along side some chili or even substituted where ever you'd served traditional cornbread.

As always, please let me know if you try this recipe! I would love to see your results :)

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