Call Me Old Fashioned

When I was a younger my mom told me that brown liquor wasn't meant for consumption by 'ladies'. Of course this made me want to run to the nearest liquor store and buy a big ass bottle of Crown Royal! But still, in college, I steered away from the Jameson's and Gingers or Jack and Coke specials and stuck mostly to my roots...tequila. It wasn't until I lived in Washington D.C. that I tried whiskey.

For me, whiskey was always a mans drink. It wasn't until my first venture into what eventually became my favorite liquor store (Schneider's) that I discovered how dynamic whiskey could be. My gateway cocktail was a whiskey sour. I found that the more whiskey sours I had, the more straight up whiskey I wanted until I found stumbled upon what eventually became my signature cocktail,  the Old Fashioned.

I want to share with you my perfected recipe of at least 6 years of trial and error. This isn't a drink for people who are still amatuers in the whiskey game y'all, this is a DRANK.