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April 14, 2022

My Spring Cleaning Must Haves

Every Spring, something takes over me. I have this uncontrollable need to organize and deep clean my home. I seriously blame my mother. When I was a little girl she made my brother, sister and I tackle these insane projects. We'd have to organize the garage and go through our closets and get rid of clothes we either didn't wear any longer or didn't fit any more. We had to take all of the plates and utensils out of the cabinets and clean the shelves. The baseboards in the house got some good elbow grease too. The whole damn house smelled like Pine Sol, bleach and Pledge.

I hated this time of year when I was a kid but now, as an adult with my own home, I seriously love whipping my house into shape. With Nola around now and two dogs, keeping my house clean and organized is impossible. More often than not, our house is a disaster zone of toys, dog hair and baby food on the floors but I do what I can. Being as organized as possible really goes a long way in helping me to at least try and keep the house from descending into full blown chaos.

Here is everything I use to keep our house as clean and organized as possible.

  1. These Honest Company wipes are true lifesavers. I have a pack in my car, a pack in Nola's playroom and a pack in the kitchen. I literally use them on everything--her toys, her changing table, our kitchen counters, the dog toys, Nola's highchair table and our hands when we're out and about. I refuse to be without them. The wipes also come in lavender and original scent (that basically smells like alcohol).
  2. A baby wipe dispenser that isn't hideous? Sign me up. I purchased two of these and they sit in Nola's playroom. One is full of her regular wipes and the other has the Honest Company wipes in it. I like how they keep the wipes moist and they're better looking than a bunch of wipe bags all over the place.
  3. PurSteam Steam Mop Cleaner is a weekly lifesaver for me. All I have to use is water to sanitize my floors. Now that Nola is mobile, having super clean floors is essential and I feel good knowing that my floors are steam sanitized. The only drawback with this product is that it has a really short cord so I have to constantly unplug it and then plug it into a nearby socket. An extension cord is a quick, inexpensive fix.
  4. Fabuloso is a mainstay all-purpose cleaner in our home and this scent is divine. I love it and a little really does go a long way. I've had my current jug for about a year.
  5. I purchased these Swedish Dishcloths because I was looking for a more earth-friendly alternative to paper towels. I have a bad habit of using up to half a roll in a day and with these dish clothes, I'm down to nothing. Seriously use them for everything. They're super absorbent, easy to clean and cheap. I'm trying to teach Nola how to clean up after herself when she eats and she gets so excited when she sees me grabbing for one of these clothes.
  6. An organized pantry is the only way I get dinner done. Being able to see exactly what I have helps to make sure I don't over-shop and helps me plan for meals. I love this food organization set because I they also come with cute labels.
  7. Mrs. Meyer's Multi-Surface cleaner is fantastic. I never feel bad about using it near my kid and I'm a big fan of their peony scent as well.
  8. I put all of my cleaning supplies into this portable caddy. I love that I can easily take everything I need with me from room to room. It's compact enough to store underneath a cabinet or in the laundry room and, if you want, you can get this 4 gallon bucket as part of a set.
  9. With two dogs in the house, there is no way I'll ever be without Febreze One Fabric spray. I prefer the orchid scent and I like that I can use it as both air freshener and fabric spray.
  10. I recently reorganized my spice cabinet and I used these jars to do it. I love them so much! They come with a few labels that are already filled out and some blank ones as well.
  11. This aromatherapy diffuser is constantly running in my house. I use different essential oils depending on my mood and it scents up the whole house. While this diffuser comes with a few oils, I like use a few drops of Capri Blue oil. My whole damn house smells like the Anthropologie store.
  12. I've written about my love for stainless steel pots and Bar Keepers Friend helps me to keep them looking brand new.
  13. I couldn't keep all the dog hair off my floors without my beloved Shark Duoclean vacuum. When we got married, I looked into getting a more expensive vacuum and I'm so happy I didn't. I have no complaints with what I've got. It's lightweight, incredibly nimble and has fantastic suction. The only way I'd give it up is if I upgraded to something cordless.
  14. These pantry shelf organizers help me make sure I can actually see all of my seasonings and canned goods. They just make my kitchen look that much more put together.
  15. I have these plastic storage bins all over my house. I use them in Nola's playroom to keep her toys organized and in the kitchen as extra storage for her snacks, baking goods and every other thing I can think of. They are really sturdy which is great because my kid constantly uses them to try to balance her body weight on and they hold a lot of capacity.
  16. I hate the look of loose items and these massive glass jars have helped turn my laundry closet from a disaster zone to something that Marie Kondo would be proud of. I use them to store my Tide laundry pods and Downy scent crystals.
  17. On that same note, love this clear tissue box holder for my fabric softener sheets.
  18. A rolling hamper has been a game changer in my life. I love that it has three different compartments--we use them for darks, lights and whites--which makes laundry time that much easier, everything is already sorted. Come laundry time, we roll our cart to the wash machine and throw our clothes in. Simple AF.

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