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June 17, 2022

Celebrate Juneteenth With This Sorrel Bee's Knees Cocktail

During my trip to Savannah, I fell in love with a hibiscus bee's knees cocktail I had at Husk. I loved everything about it from its ruby color to the balance of fruit, sweet and citrus. I decided to try to recreate one as soon as I got home but, of course, with my own twist. I had some dried sorrel (aka hibiscus) flowers in my kitchen tea drawer from when I was pregnant with Nola and wanted something other to drink that water, coffee, prune juice (eek) or sweet tea.

I shook up a few different versions of this cocktail until I landed on one that I loved.

Instead of regular honey, I used a smoked version that really elevates this drink and takes it from good to god damn good. This sorrel bee's knees is lush, boozy and exactly what you want to be sippin on for your Juneteenth celebration. Did you know that the color red has special meaning during Juneteenth? Red symbolizes the bloodshed by millions of our ancestors from the Atlantic Slave Trade through today. For most of us, this day is an opportunity to gather with our friends and family, eat some great barbecue and have a good time. But, it's also important to remember why we celebrate: to honor the ancestors we lost, and to recommit ourselves to the struggle for true freedom.

Cheers to you and yours and have a safe and delicious Juneteenth.

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