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February 8, 2022

I'm Head Over Heels For This Easy Valentine's Day Dinner

Call me unoriginal, but Valentine's Day always makes me want Italian food. In truth, I've never really been that into this holiday. It's just way too much pressure. When I was younger, it literally hurt my heart to see my Instagram feed full of over-the-top displays of love and affection. It just reminded me that I wasn't where I wanted to be in life, on the romance side. Whatever, I'm a hater lol.

Fast forward a few years, a marriage and a baby and I still don't love Valentine's Day. But that doesn't mean I'll ever miss out on any occasion to have a bomb ass meal. This recipe for meatballs and parmesan polenta is incredibly easy. One of those dishes that's just fancy enough to be busted out for a special occasion but simple enough to also be served any damn day of the week you want.

Whether you're celebrating the holiday with your one true love (eww), your best friends, or yourself, you deserve to eat this meal dammit...so here is how you make it.

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