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September 2, 2022

Celebrate The End Of Summer With These Delicious Grilled Pork Chops

The end of Summer is near and y'all, I have had a timeeee. In a lot of ways, it feels like this was the first summer where I actually got to enjoy being outside. Last year around this time, Nola was still a tiny baby and I didn't leave the house with her very much. The year before that, I was in the middle of my first trimester and felt nauseous all the time so I spent the whole season in bed watching Downtown Abbey.

But this year? Baby I've gotten my whole life. I've hosted dinner parties for friends, said yes to damn near every invitation I've received to grab drinks or dinner, swam damn near every evening in the stock tank pool we had installed. It has really been such a restorative time in my life. But, I'd be lying if I didn't say that I'm so ready for it to be over.

Y'all know I love fall. I'm looking forwards to crisp weather, roaring fires outside by our pit, pumpkin picking, Hocus Pocus viewings and dutch ovens full of warm soups and stews. Bring on cozy season baby! But, before I bid farewell to sunny weather and these disrespectful temperatures, you better believe I'm going to grill my heart out.

I came up with this pork chop recipe because I had a few nectarines I needed to get rid of. I thought Nola would want to snack on them, but she wasn't into it so they sat in the fruit bin in our refrigerator growing more wrinkly and sad by the day. I love nectarines because the flesh has a nice crunch to it and the flavor is bright with just the right amount of sweetness. Perfect for salsa.

For this dish, you're going to want to use a thickly cut bone-in pork chop. If you don't see any at your local grocer, you can usually ask the butcher to cut some fresh from a rib roast and they'll do it. I grilled my chops over charcoal which gave them an insane smoked flavor but, if you have a gas grill or no grill at all you can still pull this meal off. To get that "fresh off the grill" taste, you can use a drop or two of mesquite liquid smoke. Or don't use any at all. These pork chops will still be yummy either way.

I particularly love this recipe because there are nothing but crazy simple ingredients in it, and yet it manages to be phenomenal. So, I'll stop babbling and get you to the recipe. Hope you enjoy it.

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