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April 8, 2022
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Calling All Pea Haters! This Soup Will Change Your Mind

Even though I'm about to share this delicious recipe with you, it's important to know that I hate peas. I just don't understand their function. Truly. I don't care how they're prepared--roasted, blanched, steamed, with other vegetables--they're just not my thing. That is, until this soup. I blame it's existence on a bag of frozen peas my mom left in my freezer from a visit. She made fried rice and used peas in it but left the rest of the bag for me to figure out what to do with it. I tried to serve them to Nola in a mash and, much like her mama, she was not with the shits.

In my home, I don't believe in wasting things so I wasn't about to throw the peas away...but what to do with it? That's when I had an idea. I love split pea soup, maybe I can make a fresh pea soup that I would love just as much. I had some green onions in the fridge that had seen better days and a container of pancetta so I got to experimenting and voilà, my new favorite soup was born.

The ingredients here are simple: fresh or frozen peas, green onion, pancetta (or bacon if that's what you have), yellow onion, chicken stock, garlic and thyme. That's it. 30 minutes and you have bussin meal that also freezes beautifully!

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