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March 31, 2022
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My Go-To Roasted Chicken Recipe

A solid roasted chicken recipe is essential in any cooks arsenal. In fact, if you're only ever good at making one dish, I'd suggest mastering this one. When I make a roasted chicken, I'm opening up the possibilities in my week. The chicken is obviously delicious as the centerpiece of dinner, but if you want, you can also shred leftover meat and use it in tacos, soups, salads...shit anything really. It's amazing!

This recipe gives a lot of room to experiment with different vegetables, herbs and aromatics. There are only three non-negotiables here--you have to use fresh garlic cloves, butter (that means no olive oil substitutions) and an uncomfortable amount of anchovy fillets. Everything else is up to you. You might be thinking--you want me to put canned fish in my chicken? Yes, I sure as shit do but don't worry, it won't make your bird taste weird, quite the opposite.

It's spring time and because my mom gave me a lot of lemons from her tree back in LA, I cut them up and added them in but normally I don't. Also, sometimes I spatchcock my chicken and other times I don't...either way the recipe works. Super easy, incredibly customizable recipe heading your way.

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