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October 18, 2021
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Break Out Your Favorite Baking Dish For This Gooey Chicken Casserole

Sometimes, you want a meal that hugs you and makes you feel cozy. For me, that's a classic chicken casserole. I like to think of this as a "mom-meal" and that's no shade. My own mama used to make this dish for my brother, sister and I pretty frequently and we were always excited to have it. To me, "mom-meals" don't require a ton of advanced planning or hands on cook time but always deliver on flavor.

While my version of this dish is a bit more...involved, it's still pretty straight-forward. Call me bougie but I just cannot in good conscious ever support or encourage anyone to use canned cream of mushroom. I mean, have you ever seen it come out of a can? Besides, making your own is crazy simple and if you have any soup leftover, you'll actually want to eat it (if you're feeling really fancy you could add chunks of broccoli, torn kale or even some diced potatoes to it).

This literal hug in a bowl freezes well so I always make a massive batch. We eat half for a few days while the other have gets labeled and stored for a later date when I just don't have the desire or energy to cook anything. This recipe is also super forgiving and customizable. You can add anything you want here including some additional veggies. If you want to use canned chicken or canned tuna...you can, it's literally you're world.

I like to serve my version piping hot from the oven, topped with some chopped parsley or a few thyme leaves if I have some leftover.


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