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March 8, 2022

8 Things I Want in My Kitchen Now

  1. Mosser Glass Mixing Bowl set has been on my covet list for quite some time. I just love how these bowls add a subtle flair of sophistication and nostalgia to the cooking space. They remind me of cookware in my great grandmother's house. I've been waiting to pull the trigger on these because I have a toddler who is now mobile and I already know these will end up in pieces all over my floor if I'm not extra careful with them. Still...a girl can dream.
  2. Chateau des Annibals Cuvee des Annibals Rosé just happens to be my favorite rosé and now that it's getting nice enough outside to start drinking on my deck, this is what I'll be reaching for. A lot of people who drink wine and "know things about it" have been throwing around words like crushable when talking about a bottle that is particularly easy to down and this is certainly one of them. I love to pour a glass with dinner, while sitting through one of Nola's tantrums, or for no damn reason at all. As soon as I publish this blog, I'm heading to my favorite local wine shop (ahem 3 Parks) and snapping up a few bottles.
  3. Toddler-proof suction plates are a godsend if you happen to have a kid. I'm lucky that Nola is a great eater. She will pretty much eat anything I put in front of her. The problem is, so do our floors. She's really into picking up her plate and just tossing everything on the ground when she's done eating. The dogs of course love this new development. I on the other hand, am not a fan of mopping three times a day. Enter these suction plates. They stick to dinner tables, high chair tables, and restaurant tables (a fucking win!) and the colors also aren't offensive--which matters less than the most important thing: THEY WORK!
  4. Barr-Co. Honeysuckle Hand & Body Caddy Set is proof that I'm a fancy bitch who likes luxury and I won't shy away from it. Sure you can go to CVS and grab a bottle of softsoap, but honey, don't you deserve more? Bust out your inner #richauntie and upgrade your hand soap game. I love that this set includes lotion. I wash my hands so much they're always dry and having lotion close by has helped it look like I actually love myself again now that my hands aren't shamefully ashy.
  5. Our Place Always Pan is another one of those things I've had in my shopping cart for months, but haven't actually purchased yet. I've heard rave reviews from friends who have the all-in-one always pan and they love it. This pan promises to simplify my life by being able to handle almost any cooking task I throw at it from steaming, to frying, to broiling. I have so much cookware already, at this point I'm tempting marital strife if I buy one more pot...but this might be worth it.
  6. Fox Run Marble Salt Cellar might be the move when I replace the ones I currently have. It's not that I don't like the ones I have now...actually, it is that. I don't like them and I want to upgrade and these covered salt cellars are exactly what I'll be purchasing when I do.
  7. Jacobsen Salt Co claims to sell some of the best tasting salt you can get your hands on and according to several chefs and food personalities, they're right. Thankfully in a few days I get to try the product out myself since I put in an order. I love a good finishing salt and usually use Maldon's briny pyramid shaped crystals to get the job done. But Jacobsen's salt looked so cool (I'm a sucker for good marketing) and I had my credit card handy so I figured fuck it, why not? Could be the best decision I've made in ages. We'll see.
  8. Olive Wood Cooking Spoon is just one of those things you have to have in your arsenal and this one at World Market is a steal at just $8 bucks. I reach for these spoons whenever I'm making sauces or just want to get all the seasoned burned bits off my pan when I'm deglazing (see, fancy bitch) because they don't scratch up my stainless steel pans and really are just beautiful to cook with.

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